Shinola Hotel

Bedrock Detroit
Mechanical Engineering
Programming & Planning
158,490 sq. ft.
Completion Date
December 2018
Project Cost
Client Contact
Brett Yuhasz Bedrock Detroit

The existing buildings chosen for the renovation were not designed to support the type of HVAC, plumbing, electrical and life safety infrastructure required for a modern hotel. The engineering design team overcame several challenges presented by low ceiling heights, limited space for building systems and the necessity to maintain a historic aesthetic. To minimize the negative impact on the exterior aesthetic, the fluid cooler was integrated into the existing penthouse. A majority of the lighting fixtures were custom-fabricated and are controlled by theatrical dimming panels throughout the building. With coordination and collaboration between several design consultants, these engineering solutions provided seamless integration into one another to create an award-winning building. The Shinola Hotel resets expectations of hotel design and function worldwide.

Project Overview

The Shinola Hotel evolved from a collaboration between Bedrock Detroit and the Shinola Company. Three abandoned buildings were transformed into one cohesive and iconic boutique hotel in the Lower Woodward Avenue Historic District. The high-rise hotel includes 129 guest rooms, two restaurants, two bars, a beer garden, a reception hall, and multiple tenant paces. Integrated Design Solutions worked through a few challenges on this project, some of them not able to be seen by the public such as noise control and the Parker Alley activation. But the one challenge guests will be able to enjoy is the design of the real fireplaces throughout the hotel.

Project Team

Project Manager
Electrical Engineer
Mechanical Designer
James A. Bologna
Project Designer
Kraemer Design Group