Every project is unique, and our design process reflects that. Our ability to tap into a variety of tools and methods to ensure our projects exceed our client’s expectations is an integral part of who we are.

Higher Education

Expertise Higher Education

Creative problem-solving isn’t just something we talk about, it’s something we live by. Whether your space needs to encourage hands-on learning to tackle real-world problems, or inspire collaborative communities, we specialize in bringing out the best in the next generation of leaders and learners.

K12 Education

IDS Expertise - K12 Education

We believe in experience-centered design to not just provide an education, but to teach the next generation how to participate in their personal growth and to understand what it means to be a lifelong learner. From a non-traditional, specialized learning environment or an innovative take on a formal classroom, investing in students is key.


IDS Expertise Healthcare

We thrive when we have the opportunity to master plan your campus, consolidate departments, design a new facility, or renovate existing spaces. Successful healthcare planning requires thoughtful design, detailed project management, and careful construction strategies to deliver world-class solutions.

Athletics / Rec Sports

IDS Expertise - Athletics

Athletics communities are one-of-a-kind, and they go far beyond the walls of an arena or a stadium’s seats. In today’s world, sports facilities must focus on athlete recruitment, building on tradition, and promoting success for collegiate programs.

K12 Athletics

IDS Expertise - K12 Athletics

IDS has experience in designing athletic facilities such as athletic campuses, gymnasiums, fitness centers, recreation centers, community centers, athletic fields, stadiums, and sports centers that are appropriate to scale and fall within budget, whether a project calls for a complete renovation or a new building. Our athletic design expertise spans across several markets such as K12, higher education, corporate, and civic


IDS Expertise - Research

Research facilities are powered by people, and our designers know it takes a lot to make a teamwork. Transforming thought takes dedication. We believe in designing for resilience and strengthening through connection and collaboration.


Your workplace represents your culture and your identity, and our designers know this means your space must do more than ever before. From supporting the customs that bring your team together, to encouraging effective and innovative team engagement, striking the right balance is critical to creating opportunities for success.


Our team knows anticipation is stronger than reaction, that’s why detailed planning drives our design, keeping you ahead of the curve. Inspiring innovative solutions we build on reliability. From opportunity assessment to planning implementation, our comprehensive project management approach integrates your goals with practical, individually-tailored solutions.

Data Centers

IDS Expertise - Data Centers

Our approach to data center development starts with a solution. Our team specializes on integrating design with space to meet your unique needs. Whether enhancing an existing set-up or building from the beginning, we know reliability is key.

Student Life

Whether collaborating with classmates on the quad or engaging in a late-night dining hall debate, providing students the opportunity to connect with one another matters. Encouraging engagement with unfamiliar ideas, new friends, or even a new book is what experiencing education is all about.


Expertise Engagement

Driven by people, accomplished with care, we maximize your investment in your community. Places that allow us to come together are special and require a collaborative process where everyone feels they have a voice in the outcome.

Energy & Sustainability

Shaw Lane Power Plant

We place a very strong emphasis on sustainable practices to uphold a responsible and eco friendly approach to design.

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