Electrical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Project Size
33,000 SF
Completion Date
Project Cost
Client Contact
Kelly Garcia Domino's

Domino’s Pizza, who is a current tenant within the iconic Domino’s Farms Office Park in Ann Arbor, needed a new facility to satisfy a corporate need for research space required by its retail and technology operations. This new facility will accommodate permanent workspace for an initial 90 research staff and a planned additional growth space for 60 more over a five-year period.

In evaluating the architectural aesthetic for this facility, it was necessary to consider that the design of any additional building in the context of the Frank Lloyd Wright inspired main building known as the Prairie House, should not diminish that iconic design with a scaled imitation. The two-story building was positioned at the center of the parcel and nestled into the slope, much like Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin principles which adheres to an organic philosophy of positioning a building in the brow of the hill. The sloping center section of the form reflects the site topography from north to south.

Inside, the building is intended to be a highly collaborative and team-based work environment. The lower floor area is almost entirely open with flexible space for retail research mock-ups, large team conference space, collaborative event space and a high-tech showcase garage. Large interior glass garage doors separate spaces that need occasional isolation. The upper floor provides open workspace with multiple opportunities for break out conversations and teaming. The middle of the floor is open to the lower level with collaborative spaces that overlook the research happening on the floor below.

Project Overview

  • New 31,000+ sq. ft. research and planning facility
  • Designed to encourage a highly collaborative and team-based work environment
  • Flexible spaces for retail research mock-ups, large team conference space, collaborative event space and a high-tech showcase garage

Project Team

Design Support
Agnieszka Coletta, Assoc. AIA
Design Support
Zachary VanOverbeke
Project Architect, Construction Administrator
Code Specialist
Mechanical Engineer
Mechanical Support
Debbie Burgess
Electrical Engineer
Electrical Support
Shawn Schiappacasse, LC
Structural Consultant
SDI Structures
Civil Consultant
Midwestern Consulting
Construction Manager (Design-Build)
Barton Malow Company