Tracie Withrow

Tracie is a woman of many talents and hobbies.  At one time, she was enrolled in a culinary arts program before transferring to Las Vegas to work on Las Vegas City Center Project as a Construction Administrator. Over her years as a Construction Administrator, she developed and has refined her most significant strengths of handling multiple tasks at a time and knowing where to find answers/resources for often unique Project challenges as they arise.  Tracie has worked on several projects at Michigan State University, Notre Dame, and has provided professional services for various other clients over the past 15-20 years, with her primary role as the lead Construction Administrator. When she first started in the industry, she initially found architecture intriguing and later discovered that construction administration suits her since it brings something different regularly, like Mass Timber Construction. She looks forward to this ever-changing industry, never ceasing to amaze her.

Tracie’s most outstanding professional achievement in her career at IDS is the positive relationships with her team members. She appreciates and values the positive relationships she has created working as a project construction administrator. Tracie built these relationships by vital communication with her project-specific teams and working with team members to accomplish tasks during critical (And non-critical) times of a Project. Working on multiple projects has shown Tracie that one of her favorite periods of a project is when she meets with the Project Designer, Architect, Engineer, etc., at the start of construction administration.  She finds it necessary and beneficial for a CA to be aware of the Designers Intent, necessary project technical or performance criteria, the reasonings behind Design decisions, materials selections, etc., as construction progresses. Tracie’s goal is to practice and demonstrate ways to close the communication gap between AE professionals and the construction community. She believes that there is so much that can be learned if team members communicate and work together.

Tracie’s work relationships are not her only achievement, just her professional achievement. She served as an active board member and volunteered for a local Dog Rescue group outside of work. One day soon, she hopes to do this again and get together with her group of seven girlfriends that she has known since Elementary School. When she is not spending time with her friends, she thinks of ways to make her friends laugh or new foods or drinks to make for them to try.


“I work hard so my dogs can have a better life” – Unknown