Todd Nemecek

Todd held the high jump record of 6’ 6 1/4” at his High School for 34 years, but that is not his most outstanding personal achievement. Being an amazing dad to his daughters is his most outstanding personal achievement. Holding the high jump record could tell you his greatest strength is reaching the top shelf in most kitchens, so if you need something on the top shelf, ask Todd.  

But his real strength is being able to communicate and work with anyone. He says that he always finds a way to have a good working relationship with everyone. Having these good relationships relate to all the great projects he has worked on for the University Of Michigan, like UMMA, Law School South Hall, Law School Commons, School of Architecture, U of M Union, and North Campus Recreation. All these fantastic projects Todd has worked on motivates him to continue to work on the next project. Todd wants to leave the world a little better than it was when he came into it. He is continually working towards his goal to be good at what he does and share what he has learned over the years. 

When Todd is not at work, he enjoys cooking just about anything. On top of cooking, he just finished a home renovation project. But he enjoys doing just about anything with his fiancé.  


I’m growing older, not up”  – Jimmy Buffett