Scott Smith

You cannot look at Scott Smith and tell that there was a time when he was at Disneyworld and was hit in the head by a duck. If you have ever talked with him you might know about his passion for the technology design industry. He may have gone into his profession as an accident, but it is undoubtedly the right profession for him. Through the years at IDS, he has worked in the HR/Accounting department, IT department, and Electrical department. Today he specializes in Technology design and has grown that group. Scott’s ability to listen to a customer’s wants and needs and translate that into reality is his greatest strength. You could call him a Technology Translator. 

When asked about his greatest professional achievement Scott stated, “I like to think I haven’t reached my greatest professional achievement yet.” He says his ultimate professional achievement will be reached at the end of his career and being able to look back on how many students and teachers his technology designs have touched and the impact on helping teachers teach and students learn in a safe and fun environment. Scott wants to provide technology customers with designs and project management that goes beyond their expectations.  His favorite memory was completing a 1:1 device rollout and being able to walk around an elementary school with the technology director and peer into the classrooms and see the kids genuinely excited to learn with their new iPads, Chromebooks, and interactive projectors. 

If you are ever lucky to be invited over on a Saturday night be ready for a family pizza night in Scott’s home theater. Scott also enjoys spending time with his kids doing 3D printing projects, doing science kits/experiments, and anything virtual reality.  Recently Scott was a mentor for his daughter at the Science Olympiad. She received first place in her school district and the county. She also received a participation medal and gave it to Scott and said, “Thanks for participating Dad.”   


“Work the locks, don’t look at the dogs” – Magnum PI