Randi Paananen

Judging from the fact that she jumped out of an airplane, you might think of Randi as a bit of a thrill-seeker. But these days, her passion is helping people with her work. Randi gets the most satisfaction when a client is pleased with the level of care that she puts into her electrical engineering projects. A recent highlight for her was designing the electrical systems for the MSU STEM Teaching Facility and working with its unique mass timber structure. She enjoyed designing the electrical systems but said the challenging part was when construction started while the designs were still being developed. This made her and the design team prioritize and be flexible.

Randi entered the engineering field hoping to help reduce the consumption of fossil fuels. She started out by studying renewable energy sources before deciding she might have a greater impact by focusing on improving energy efficiency. One of Randi’s top achievements was passing her Professional Engineering license exam two weeks before her first child was born.

Randi’s professional goal is to ensure that clients know they can always trust IDS with their projects. This holds true whether she is the lead designer or is helping her teammates. In her personal time, Randi loves to take vacations with her family, preferring to use airplanes as transportation instead of jumping out of them.