Project Overview

The initial phase of infrastructure renovation for Pontiac High School addressed numerous mechanical system failures within the pneumatic control and hot water systems. An initial investigation revealed that many classroom unit ventilators were disconnected, or beyond repair, as well as numerous air handles that were years beyond their useful life.

The temperature within the building was inconsistent, leaving many rooms more than 10 degrees F above or below setpoint. This resulted in either an extremely warm or extremely cold learning environment for students and faculty. Many of the steam to hot water heat exchangers in the boiler room were rusted, leaking, and improperly exchanging condensation, which caused a significant financial setback for Pontiac prior to renovations.

After the initial inspection, a plan was developed to resolve system failures within the building. All new LED lighting, and state-of-the-art direct digital controls (DDC) were installed to improve energy efficiency, and stabilize the temperature throughout the school. The leaking heat exchangers were replaced, and boiler room mechanical upgrades were implemented. In addition, dozens of new unit ventilators and air handles were installed to provide cleaner, more stabilized air control throughout the building. These improvements significantly reduced utility costs for Pontiac High School, helping to enhance the learning environment and create an atmosphere of unity and school pride.

Pontiac HS building
Pontiac HS Infrastructure Upgrade
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Pontiac HS Infrastructure Upgrade
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Project Size

342,500 SF

Project Cost


Project Contact

Robert Englund
School District of the City of Pontiac

Project Team


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