Bioengineering Lab

University of Michigan
Electrical Engineering
Energy & Sustainability
Mechanical Engineering
3,400 sq. ft.
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Jana Hayford University of Michigan

The Bioengineering Lab is a collective of Biomechanics, Bioprocessing & Bioinstrumentation, and Tissue Culture research labs around one shared instructional lab. It is an expression of the ethos of the College of Engineering and Computer Science to encourage dialogue and interaction between disciplines as well as develop the most efficient and economical use of space.

The lab aesthetic and technology transformed the previous high-bay shop area to a model of collaborative research and learning. Not only are the labs rich with network connectivity, but they also contain support features like a softwall modular cleanroom, room darkening capabilities, UV protection/filtration, AV integration, energy efficient heat recovery and dimmable LED lighting.

Large expanses of glass in the corridors and full glass doors to the research areas encourage a theme of engineering on display. The transparency of the spaces is complimented with full height glass marker boards; yes, you will find faculty and students writing all over the walls.

Located in the 1950’s Engineering Lab Building, the Bioengineering suite is juxtaposed against a previous era of engineering erected around a manufacturing pedagogy. These new labs are not only representative of 21st Century high tech hands on learning, but they are also a commitment of the College of Engineering and Computer Science to provide forward-looking experiential environments for learning.

Project Overview

  • Renovation; new Bioinstrumentation/Bioprocessing Lab,
  • Biomechanics Lab and multi-purpose shared teaching lab within the Engineering Lab Building
  • Accommodates flexibility for both program and an anticipated future large-scale building master plan; facilitates traditional group instruction as well as lab experiments by large and small teams; utilizes an ideal laboratory module fit within the existing enclosed footprint and space constraints
  • Provides a new identity for UMD’s Bioengineering program; bold design
  • Open and engaging “on-display” laboratory environment with high visibility into labs; supports leading teaching technologies and encourages peer-to-peer engagement

Project Team

Project Manager
Electrical Engineer
Rae A. Killips, BSET
Interior Designer
Construction Administrator
Laboratory Planner
iDesign Solutions
Construction Manager