Val’s drive and constant need for achievement comes from her belief of always leading with her strengths. She finds satisfaction in the feeling of completing a project, but there is always that internal fire pushing her to do more – just waiting for the next opportunity to rekindle the fire. She is a puzzle master extraordinaire when faced with complex situations involving many factors. She enjoys managing all variables from arranging to re-arranging until it feels right. She is always trying to figure out the best way to get things done. Being able to understand the pieces of the puzzle and the goal allows her to be flexible with the process from start to finish. From the early stages of programming through the final move-in, being completely submerged in the design keeps her compelled to nurture, refine and stretch the project towards excellence. Val understands that sometimes it’s important to be silent. She’s found you can learn a lot by listening. In this you can see the unvoiced question and anticipate the needs of the unspoken – all by sensing the emotions of those in the room. ASK, ENGAGE, LISTEN!


Bachelor of Science in Interior Design
Eastern Michigan University

Coursework, Environmental Design
Northern Michigan University

Professional Registration

International Interior Design Association (IIDA)

NCIDQ Certification #0030821