Katy Litwin

Drawing, imagining, and designing buildings, spaces or objects has been a part of Katy’s creative outlet for as long as she can remember.  Katy was always drawn to the architectural profession. As she learned more about it, she was inspired by how spaces can impact people, culture, and society in diverse and meaningful ways.  As she learned more about an architect’s work, which extends beyond the process of designing physical spaces to involve research, collaboration, and ideation about how that physical space will function today and, in the future, she knew this is was the right career for her. Projects that promote more significant opportunities for their occupants to engage and be inspired have always motivated Katy.  Whether Katy is at work or home, her passion for design never stops. The opportunity, big or small, gives her the chance to imagine something new and think creatively.

Katy’s passion for design translates into her ability to mentor and lead others in the design field.  Katy wants to positively impact the people she works with and the projects she is a part of. She is motivated by designing spaces that inspire, engage, and support the communities for which they are built. Katy’s commitment to the profession was recognized in 2018 when she received the AIA Michigan Young Architect award.

When asked about her biggest strength, Katy said, “She believes it is her ability to understand and share the feelings of others through her work.” Katy continued to say, “As experts in the design role, we bring a lot of knowledge to the projects in which we engage, however without empathy and an understanding of our client’s needs and goals, these projects are not complete.”

 “To create, one must first question everything.” – Eileen Gray, Architect and Designer