David Giroux

Who can say they took part in open try-outs for the Detroit Tigers? David Giroux can. Reflecting on the experience he recalls it was the unofficial start of his architectural career. His interest in architecture blossomed earlier, in 7th grade, when he helped design and build a 180’ long and 18’ high bridge made of recycled telephone poles and cross pieces. His teacher taught an architectural drafting course and he was hooked! David decided to be an architect, taking as many drafting classes as they offered through high school, before enrolling at Lawrence Technological University. After graduation, David moved to Chicago to begin his career and the experience was invaluable.

If you have collaborated with David, you know he is a very dedicated person. David devotes his whole self to the task at hand, whether an early morning workout, fundraising for charities, or supporting the Building & Grounds Committee at church. His devotion to Integrated Design Solution’s healthcare team is exhibited in his greatest professional achievement to date, the Caro Center New Psychiatric Hospital. When asked about this accomplishment, David said, “Opportunities to replace existing hospitals with new ground-up facilities do not come along often, especially in your backyard.” He is humbled to be the steward of this project for the State of Michigan.

David is motivated by continuous improvements, never content to plateau, always seeking efficiency. The significance of the responsibility to help IDS evolve from the firm the founding Principals established to meet the ever-changing industry expectations and prepare the next generation for success is not lost on David; this is his greatest goal. David has a passion for architecture, but his favorite place to be is at his family’s cottage. On most days off you will find him relaxing outdoors during the day watching a good movie at night.

“Well, anything worth doing is worth doing right”

– Jimmy Dugan,  A League of Their Own