Colin Murphy

  1. What is one interesting fact about yourself? 
    • My grandfather was once the mayor of Ann Arbor. 
  2. Why did you go into your profession?  
    • I’ve always enjoyed physics and creative challenges.
  3. What is your greatest strength?  
    • I’d like to think I have a strong attention to detail and do a good job of thoroughly investigating and understanding the challenges I take on. 
  4. What is your greatest personal achievement (not related to work)  
    • …a bit cheesy, but I’m most proud of my 3 awesome children.  An achievement in progress, no doubt. 
  5. What is your greatest professional achievement? (related to IDS)  
    • I’ve been at IDS a relatively short time, but in that time I’m proud to have been able to work on so many successful projects. 
  6. What do you enjoy doing outside of work?  
    • Playing music, disc golf, and anything with the kiddos. 
  7. What motivates you?  
    • I try to be careful what I choose to work on, but when I choose, I figure I might as well try my hardest and make the most out of it. 
  8. What is your #1 professional goal?  
    • To enjoy the work I do and the people I work with… Check! 

Master your instrument.  Master the music.  And then forget all that B.S. and just play. – Charlie Parker