Matthew Showalter

Before Matt began his education at MSU as a pre-med major, he helped his high school swim team go to the State Championship three years in high school. After a short time of the pre-med program, Matt knew it was not the right fit for him. He switched his major a few times before figuring out his true passion was the art and architectural side of history education. This led him to focus on architecture at Lawrence Tech University (LTU) and developing his ever-growing career as an architect. Matt continued his education in architecture at Lawrence Tech University, receiving his Masters while working full-time at IDS.

Motivated by completing projects and being able to help on the next project keeps Matt captivated with his profession. Matt takes pride in his ability to show patience when explaining details about his work to others is the one thing that makes Matt a true talent to the IDS team.  Matt is always striving towards his goal of being happy with what he is doing. He especially enjoys going on walks with his fiancé and a new dog,  woodworking, and using a 3D printer to explore practical ways to use this new technology.

“All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.” JRR Tolkien