Aubree Robichaud

As a kid Aubree always enjoyed the creative process, art, drawing, lego-building, you name it.  She is detail-oriented and was curious to understand how buildings were made.  In High School, she took a drafting class and had the opportunity to learn about building and construction, and she was instantly hooked.  Working in this profession has allowed her to blend those interests in a delightful and rewarding way. She strives to continually evolve and improve upon her professional abilities to provide successful project-specific solutions that will leave meaningful impressions on the built environment.

Aubree continuously seeks the new and unique design challenges that come with each project. ; it motivates her to approach each day as a problem solver and always remain inquisitive. But being able to adapt to any situation is Aubree’s biggest strength. She has been with IDS for almost nine years; she has worked on multiple projects at that time. Becoming a licensed architect and an Associate at IDS has been her most outstanding achievement thus far. She believes, however, that there are still many exciting milestones ahead of her.

When Aubree isn’t working on all of the fantastic projects at IDS, she enjoys being outdoors whenever possible. She also enjoys playing piano and spending time with her family.

“Use your fear; it can take you to the place where you store your courage.” – Amelia Earhart