Purdue – Design Implementation

Purdue University is looking to elevate their football program in the national rankings and, in that quest, deliver to their faithful fans the best game-day experiences to pass onto future generations. The Boilermaker community is historically strong, and the design team looked to boost the brand in the following concept development:The pathway into the stadium is ceremonial and celebrates the procession of the players, band members and fans.

The exterior plaza was enlarged and made more prominent to be an area “to see and be seen”, connect and socialize with other Boilermaker fans.

Hall of Honor reinforces the Purdue brand, with its technology-rich displays, both static and interactive digital media.

The facilities – locker and toilet rooms, concessions and recruiting spaces were designed for very easy access both vertically and around the stadium.

Connectivity is a prominent design concept: fans to each other, patrons to amenities and stadium features, patrons back to campus and recruits to fans and the game-day experience.

These were the basis of the design concept, well received by the interview committee.