Electrical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Project Size
2,200 sq. ft
Completion Date
Project Cost
Client Contact
Gregory Ianni, Deputy Athletic Director Jason Vanzee, Project Manger Michigan State University

When it was constructed in 2000, the women’s basketball office suite was an exact mirror copy of the men’s basketball office suite located directly across the hall. After the men’s office suite was renovated in 2016, the women’s office suite followed suit a year later. This time however, the renovation to the women’s suite differed from the men’s side allowing the character of each program to be displayed.

Similar to the men’s side, the corridors were renovated to have several glass poster display’s and magnetic panels throughout allowing staff to easily change what is presented to players and recruits. It differs from the men’s side due to the significant amount of transparency introduced. By installing a floor to ceiling glass wall between the lobby and the video viewing room, visitors can now see from the men’s office lobby across the corridor, through the women’s lobby, to the new backlit custom glass wall at the north end of the video viewing room. While the women’s side didn’t receive as much renovation as the men’s, the transparency introduced here gives visitors a layering effect creating a larger impact than the budget otherwise allowed. New flooring, reception desk and furniture in this zone round out the renovation scope for this project.

Project Overview

Newly renovated, 2,200 SF women’s basketball office suite allows visitors transpart spaces and open views of the entire office suite.

Project Team

Project Architect
Marek Nowakowski, Assoc. AIA
Design Support
Agnieszka Coletta, Assoc. AIA
Mechanical Engineer
Corey S. Watts
Electrical Engineer
Debra L. Jensen, LC, MIES, LEED® AP ID+C
Construction Administrator
Construction Manager
Laux Construction