Sterling Heights City Center Campus

City of Sterling Heights
Electrical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
46,700 Sq. Ft. City Hall
30,600 Sq. Ft. Court House
59,200 Sq. Ft. Police Department
37,900 Sq. Ft. Library
Completion Dates
August 2021
Project Cost
Client Contact
Jared Beaudoin City of Sterling Heights

Project Overview

The newly renovated city center campus was a three-year renovation project, at a total cost of $25 million. It has been 20 years since these buildings have been updated and the existing conditions no longer met the needs of its occupants.  Some of the key elements that IDS, AEW, IMEG and Ronelli Inc. focused on were the overall building layouts to maximize building efficiencies. Special attention was given to department workflows, building security and improved accessibility for all, energy-efficient heating, upgraded cooling, and new LED lighting fixtures, just to name a few. According to the City Manager Mark Vanderpool, all the renovations were done without a tax increase and were strategically planned ahead for the next five to 10 years.


The Police Station saw the most significant plan changes, completely flipping the functions within the building to better serve the officer’s daily needs and enhance public interactions. Major updates to offices, interview rooms, conference rooms, roll call, training rooms, and a state-of-the-art Crime Lab all helped make the modernization of the Police building a success. Special attention was given to the officer’s locker rooms and public toilet rooms to bring these key spaces up to date. Campus standards were developed for building finishes, lighting, and mechanical systems and were incorporated into this building and other projects on campus.


IDS, and the other design consultants, worked in conjunction with the library staff to totally transform the user experience within the library. A major goal was to refresh the circulation desk and improve the overall workflow for library staff and customers. Improved signage and wayfinding help lead you through the reorganized main library and guide you into the major renovation of the children’s areas with its unique and fun child-scaled entryway & reference desk. Also created within the Library are new maker spaces, teens area, and private study rooms. New meandering carpet patterns help identify zones within the space. The modernized overall lighting updates help make browsing and other library tasks more pleasant and comfortable for the users. The team has also supplied new mechanical equipment to the entire building, which enhances overall building comfort.


Departmental reorganization within City Hall allows for greater efficiency and functionality for both the staff and its public. The main street corridor was enhanced with new millwork, finishes, lighting updates, and precise yet straightforward signage to help guide the public to the proper service departments. In an effort to support the city staff’s needs, new conference rooms, offices, and kitchenettes were worked into the overall design. Special attention was given to the loading dock to support the city vehicles and accommodate large deliveries with ease.


In addition to the security checkpoint, the upper and lower service lobbies were totally reconfigured at the Court Building to alleviate overcrowding, improve security, and enhance user comfort. The four courtrooms also received a facelift with new finishes and lighting to add to the overall modernization of the building. Improving Public Heath was another concern by the team and was addressed by implementing doors equipped with non -touch operators and touchless plumbing fixtures.

Project Team

Project Architect, Construction Administrator
Christopher King, AIA
Architectural Support
Danny Simoski
Architectural Support
Jake Gondek
Interior Designer
Christina Koleczko
Interior Designer
Suzanne Wilterdink, NCIDQ
Electrical Engineer
Ellis Young
Electrical Engineer
Technology Designer
Michael P. Dombrowski
Technology Support
Trevor C. Horner
Civil Engineer
Anderson, Eckstein and Westrick, Inc.
Structural Engineer
Construction Manager
Roncelli, Inc.