Pontiac High School Locker Room Renovation

School District of the City of Pontiac
Electrical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
6,800 Sq. ft.
Completion Date
Project Cost
Client Contact
Robert Englund School District of the City of Pontiac

The Pontiac High School locker rooms were in very poor condition, and various states of disrepair. The school board was looking to create marquee locker rooms for all athletic purposes, including general all-school use, junior varsity, and varsity. The locker rooms were created with intentional differentiation between the three tiers of all-school, junior varsity, and varsity. While all locker rooms needed to serve a similar purpose, the locker rooms are intended to incentivize advancement, and provide a graduated level of prestige for school athletes. Other features of these projects include large athletic graphics in the corridors, for impact on both students and visiting parents. Also included is a special area to celebrate the championship-winning Phoenix wrestling program. The intention of these renovations was to invest in important student programs in a meaningful, impactful way. Showing commitment to the student athletes of Pontiac High School has resulted in immediate student retention and student recruitment.

Project Overview

Pontiac High School locker rooms were in need of a renovation, The School District of the City of Pontiac brought in IDS to evaluate and ultimately design a new space for the men’s and women’s high school locker rooms. The evaluation process was able to provide IDS with a design for the space that would update the existing 25 year old locker rooms and get them the impact and benefits for all the athletes that they were looking for.

Project Team

Project Architect, Project Manager
Electrical Engineer
Tom Morgan, BSEE
Code Specialist