Oxford Virtual Academy

Oxford Community Schools
Electrical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
New Construction
9,600 sq. ft
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Timothy R. Throne Oxford Community Schools

Housing the Oxford Community Schools distance learning curriculum, the Oxford Virtual Academy (OVA) suite creates a flexible and fun atmosphere for the staff and students. A large multipurpose classroom space is centered within the suite and is flanked by three small meeting spaces, a lobby and office space, connected by overlapping views. OVA’s new classroom space aims to take the distance out of learning by working with students to create a more hands on interactive experience, while promoting engagement within their learning system. Clad in wood and equipped with playful sliding barn doors, the three meeting spaces are used for one-on-one tutoring, parent teacher meetings, and filming video tutorials. These features are the highlight of the suite.

Though budget posed a challenge for the design of OVA, strategic and innovative planning allowed for funds to be implemented toward design aspects most impactful in the development of an engaging environment for students. The design successfully furthers OVA’s mission to provide rigorous academic preparation that is teacher mentored, parent directed and customized to meet the needs of students from all academic backgrounds.



Project Overview

  • 9,600 sq. ft virtual learning classroom for Oxford Community Schools
  • Implemented creative design with a limited budget
  • Distance learning facility with unique learning lab that encourages a flexible and comprehensive education experience
  • Very successful multipurpose classroom space which facilitates learning and social interaction

Project Team

Project Designer
Project Architect
Marek Nowakowski, Assoc. AIA
Electrical Engineer
Ellis Young
Mechanical Engineer
Corey S. Watts