AME Concept Design
Electrical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Building Size
3,500 sq. ft.
Completion Date
April 2021
Project Cost
Client Contact
Superintendent, Martin Prout North Huron Schools

The new Agricultural learning center was literally built from the ground up, and the century-old building that stood in its place before was demolished. The new building was programmed and designed with lots of discussion and input from the highly lauded Agricultural teacher Joe Ankley. Joe was instrumental in helping the IDS designers accommodate all the spaces necessary for a successful Ag program. The main room is a flexible learning area ideally designed for teaching, sharing, collaboration, and teamwork. A roll-up door allows ample amounts of natural light and is set up for an outdoor class under the large canopy overhang. The primary classroom is open to an adjacent wet multidisciplinary learning lab and is visually connected to the animal room. A fully functioning commercial greenhouse complements the Agriculture building steps away. The parking lot and road that had previously run between the Ag building and the main school building have been eliminated and replaced with a green belt with a dedicated winding walkway between the two buildings. Students will eventually design and provide the landscaping around the new facility.

Project Overview

Prior to the Bond, the District utilized a century-old detached building as an Agricultural learning center with outdated and “make do” spaces. This is a marquee Program for this District as they are located in a prime farm area. The newly designed and constructed Agricultural Center was programmed and designed specifically to meet the 21st-century learning requirements for this area of study.

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Project Team

Project Manager
Project Architect
Matthew Brown, AIA, NCARB
Mechanical Engineer
Electrical Designer
Nick Friedrich
Project Designer
Agnieszka Coletta, Assoc. AIA
Structural Consultant
Civil Consultant
William A. Kibbe & Associates, Inc.