Electrical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Project Size
900 sq. ft
Completion Date
Project Cost
Client Contact
Gregory Ianni, Jason VanZee Michigan State University

Designed, in 2007, the men’s basketball locker room matched many of the locker rooms you would see at other NCAA facilities across the country. The design was simple. Custom wood lockers within a circular room with built-in white board space at the front for the coach to diagram plays. While the room was still functional, it lacked the adaptability that much of the rest of the facility had achieved. The 2017 renovation completely changed that. At the front of the room, new black glass walls allow Coach Izzo to diagram anywhere on the wall. Mounted at the center of the front wall is a new large format touch-screen monitor allowing digital diagraming to compliment the analogue.

Lockers were also replaced as part of this project. Instead of the custom wood open locker aesthetic. The new lockers have pocketing doors. The surface of these doors are faced with magnetic plastic laminate panels allowing the coaching staff to fundamentally transform the atmosphere of the locker room just by having new magnets printed and applied. In fact, the first year the lockers were changed at the midpoint of the season changing from a team focused graphic to a player focused graphic.

Project Overview

  • Designed as a recruiting space that could also be effectively used for day to day operations
  • Transformed current lockers into custom lockers that could be cost effectively personalized graphically for each player
  • Created concealed areas for much needed storage

Project Team

Project Architect
Marek Nowakowski, Assoc. AIA
Design Support
Zachary VanOverbeke
Mechanical Engineer
Corey S. Watts
Construction Administrator
Construction Manager
Barton Malow Company