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Duglass Young Horizon Global

With Horizon Global’s continued corporate growth came the necessity to renovate and expand their current headquarters in Troy, Michigan. This included renovating a 5th floor office area to add much needed collaboration space, along with a new command center expanding the existing board room and creating additional team zones within the open office plan. A new 8,900 sq. ft office expansion was also created on the 4th floor with open office space, enclosed meeting rooms, private work rooms, as well as a new collaboration area. The collaboration zone hosts large office meetings and events, and links the floors with a new floor opening that includes a new stair and slide.

In collaboration with the innovative culture of this client, the team worked to create spaces that celebrate their collaborative and energetic philosophies. When Horizon Global’s CEO asked the team to design a slide to connect the two office floors, IDS’ project architect researched the fastest way to move or slide from one point to another point below you. The research resulted in a concept called the brachistochrone curve, which assisted the team to design Troy’s first indoor slide that would be both fast and safe for the employees to use.

Faced with the challenge of developing a cohesive office expansion between two floors opened up the opportunity for IDS to create a new dynamic collaboration zone that includes a stair with built in seating areas which encourages a more relaxed and energetic office culture. Amenities such as meeting rooms, break rooms and general office space are mixed between the two floors to encourage employees to traverse between the floors on a daily basis.

Project Overview

  • Renovation and Expansion of Horizon Global headquarters in Troy, Michigan.
  • Holds the first indoor slide in the city of Troy.
  • Creates an office expansion that spans between two floors but feels like one cohesive space.

Project Team

Project Manager, Construction Administrator
Interior Designer
Mechanical Engineer
James A. Bologna
Electrical Engineer
Structural Consultant
Desai/Nasr Consulting Engineers
Construction Manager
PCI One Source Contracting