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6,700 sq. ft
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John Nickel Greenhills School

For too long, the library at Greenhills School was a makeshift space where students and teachers did their best to support new pedagogies with limited resources, some original to the building. The original library at Greenhills School had seen minimal renovation since it was first constructed in 1967. The existing library was split between two floor levels of the school and served a variety of functions ranging from book storage, test taking, and even technology services. Hosting such a diverse number of functions, the original library needed a renovation that would create space tailored to student’s needs.

The vision for this space transforms the original library into the new Information Commons for Greenhills School. The renovated space is centered around a new communal stair near the original north entrance. Here teachers can meet with their classes for informal discussion before they break out into the different zones. With a high definition projector and new screen nearby, the communal stair is also perfect for guest lectures and other mid-sized group presentations. Surrounding this stair are several other zones designed to support the various functions housed within. The large main floor is outfitted with mobile shelving and flexible furniture allowing it to be reconfigured for different sized groups. Students will have control over the configuration of this space which can support anything from small group study to multi-class student testing. Integrated into the exterior wall on the east side of the room is a multi-function millwork wall that houses new mechanical units, book and magazine storage, and four new window seats.


Project Overview

  • Renovation of Greenhills two floor library into a multi-functional informations common
  • Creates a vibrant new space while preserving historic character of the original Alden B. Dow building.
  • Library transformation includes both formal and informal social spaces mirroring forums spread throughout the school.

Project Team

Project Manager
Salvatore A. Moschelli, AIA, NOMA, LEED® AP
Electrical Engineer
Ellis Young
Civil Consultant
Midwestern Consulting
Structural Consultant
SDI Structures
Construction Manager
J.S. Vig Construction