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Dave Koskela Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

Wanting to do their part to help revitalize the City of Detroit, Chrysler re-established its presence in the neglected, historic Dime Building, by relocating their Sales and Marketing staffs downtown to be in the midst of what’s happening. Their design directive was a simple but elegant series of spaces for sales, training, Board Meetings, Administrative functions.

Much like their car designs, the office environments feature clean lines and efficient room, and include a lobby/reception area, a 36-seat Board Room, CEO Marchionne’s private office, a variety of meetings spaces and open workstations for enhanced collaboration and communication.

The 22nd floor accommodates ample space for regional car dealers to meet and discuss sales initiatives. The 23rd floor has a large training room for the dealers, as well as the full Executive Office suite and Board Room.

The workplace spaces are the same types included in your RFP, and the field verification process required exhaustive investigation in order to complete the construction documents, which is the exact same process we’ll employ on your projects.

Project Overview

  • Full two-floor renovation of 100-year-old Detroit building for automotive executive and dealer support offices
  • Historical building; construction on 22nd & 23rd floor without freight elevator; existing 3-by-4 foot columns asymmetrically placed throughout space
  • Technology rich space for automotive executive board and regional dealer support center

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