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211,000 sq. ft.
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With the client’s increasing requirements for mission critical data analytics and high-performance compute racks, flexibility and reliability were paramount in the design of the new data center facilities. To support these initiatives, two new Uptime Institute Tier III certified, LEED Gold data center facilities were constructed, each containing four (4) Data Halls. Each of the two project sites was master planned for four additional future Data Halls. At each facility, the four compartmentalized Data halls, each covering 10,000 sq. ft. of white space, are supported by redundant telecom demarcation rooms. Each of the four halls utilize dedicated electrical and mechanical equipment spaces. New office, maintenance, staging, storage and loading dock areas provide logistics support for the data center management teams.

Decisions on building size and shape along with structural bay spacing rely heavily on the IT load and equipment redundancy strategies. A change in the N+1 strategy of the facility required additional equipment yard space to be deployed which in turn changed the spacing of the exterior precast panelization resulting in 12+ different precast widths and a risk for significant project delays. The team challenged both the designers and builders to creatively solve the problem without compromising the architectural design integrity and to reduce the number of panel widths to 1 if possible. After a 4-hour long design charrette, the entire design build team achieved their objectives…4 panel widths (one per facade), on time and on budget.

Electrical distribution includes 2N equipment and pathways throughout each hall. Generator plants are dedicated to each hall in an N+1 configuration totaling 7.5 Megawatts base capacity, bringing each site’s total generation base capacity to thirty (30) Megawatts. The 2N distribution begins at a new utility company High Voltage Substation constructed for each site, and continues all the way down to the dual-corded data racks. Paralleled UPS modules support 2N redundant power distribution units and color-coded track busway for individual cord connections to the data racks. Mechanical chiller systems provide cooling through multiple means; computer room air handling units and rack containment at lower rack densities and rear-door coolers mounted directly to the data racks for high density loads.

Each hall was designed to accommodate the client’s need for a greater degree of flexibility. Electrical distribution and mechanical piping designs allow for nearly unlimited data rack rearrangement within the space, including support for maximum rack densities that reach nearly forty (40) Kilowatts per rack. Overhead cable tray systems are utilized for data cable distribution throughout the halls, and robust grounding system consisting of a mesh network and lighting protection systems ensure maximum signal reliability. The modular style of design for each Data Hall allows the client to expand within the hall, as well as within each facility, as their computing requirements fluctuate.

Various support and protection systems round out each site, including permanent on-site load banks, standalone office area generators and pre-action fire protection schemes supported by very early warning fire detection systems. Customized building management systems and testing and operations panels optimize equipment visibility for facilities personnel, and high-security components throughout the sites ensure protection of these truly impressive facilities.


Project Overview

  • This is a fast-paced project bordering on extreme speed.
  • Tier 3 classification
  • LEED Gold certified

Project Team

Project Manager
Project Designer
Salvatore A. Moschelli, AIA, NOMA, LEED® AP
Project Designer
Project Architect, Construction Administrator
Architectural Support
Zachary VanOverbeke
Interior Designer
Christina Koleczko
Construction Administrator
Matthew Brown, AIA, NCARB
Code Specialist
Electrical Engineer
Electrical Engineer
Structural Consultant
IBI Group
Construction Manager
Granger Construction