Electrical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
4,800 sq. ft.
Expected Completion
Fall 2021
Project Budget
Client Contact
Fletcher Spears, III Clio Area School District

Clio Area School District recently passed its first school millage bond in 47 years.  As part of that millage, the Clio community will soon be able to walk into a newly renovated Pride Stadium with even more uh….pride!  The fan experience at the Mustang’s high school’s athletic campus will be significantly improved for both the home and visitors with more accommodating amenities.  A new turf field will be striped for soccer and football and branded with the Mustang logo.  The field will provide a safer playing surface for the teams and be much less maintenance intensive.  Power, data, and water connections at the sidelines will provide convenience for each team.  Power will be provided to a  future new scoreboard. 

The existing sidewalk leading to the stadium will add some landscaping to provide a more appropriate promenade from the high school.  A new stadium entrance features new ornamental gates, a new ticket booth, and branded graphics on the face of the new stadium buildings.  A goal of the project was to create an iconic space that the community could enjoy for all of the field sports.  The new design configures the new buildings in a ‘J’ shape to create a plaza where the Mustang community can gather and generate spirit for the home teams.  Special paving and a variety of tables and surfaces for dining will provide places for fans to linger.  A planter with seat walls centrally located within the plaza will be highlighted with a large ground illuminated Mustang logo.  The plaza and buildings are oriented to provide convenient access to the adjacent varsity softball and baseball fields as well. 

Project Overview

The Clio area community will be creating memories at the new iconic complex for generations to come with new support buildings that will include:

  • Ticket booth for ticket and Clio spirit gear sales 
  • New men’s and women’s public restroom facilities with ample fixtures 
  • Single fixture restrooms for family and gender inclusive use.  The rooms will be utilized for lower attended events. 
  • New concessions building with three sales windows and six points of sale 
  • Home and visiting team rooms with benches, markerboards, power, and toilets 
  • Official’s locker rooms with toilet facilities 
  • An athletic trainer’s exam room for injured players 
  • Storage and utility spaces that will support the partial year facility use 

Project Team

Project Designer
Zachary VanOverbeke
Electrical Designer
Nick Friedrich
Structural Consultant
Desai/Nasr Consulting Engineers
Civil Consultant
Rowe Professional Services Company
Construction Manager
Triangle Associates