Jack Potterack

Jack Potterack added his degree in Architecture from Lawrence Tech University after earning a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering at MSU. That is not the most remarkable thing about him, though; Jack once was on an airplane with Juliette Lewis. Wonder if he could get us all an autograph?

Seeing design issues and details from all angles and considering every impact that can result from a decision helps Jack become a better architect. He believes the coordination required between the disciplines makes projects successful and appreciates how his colleagues do this as a team. An architect provides advice and designs on built objects, both public and private landscapes. Jack knew he wanted to be creative, but he has grown to enjoy problem-solving; being able to do both of these things helps him grow as an architect.

Not only is Jack a talented architect, but he is a remarkable husband to his beautiful wife; he says marrying her was his highest personal triumph. Being an MSU football fan, Jack was elated to be part of the MSU Skandalaris Center and Player’s Lounge Renovation. It was early in his career and continues to still one of his highlights. Motivated by the rewarding feeling you get when you witness users function in and show appreciation for a space you’ve worked on, is why his passion for architecture grows every day.

When not helping to create and design impressive buildings and landscapes, Jack enjoys going to the movie theaters and watching Jeopardy with his wife. Spending time with family and friends on a deck, by a lake, near a campfire, or even standing around a kitchen late at night, is something he also takes pleasure in.

“The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing” – Socrates