Integrated Design Solutions Names Charles Lewis President

As Integrated Design Solutions (IDS) celebrates its 20th Anniversary, the Board of Directors has elected Chuck Lewis to serve as the firm’s president. Chuck was one of the first to be offered ownership, as IDS’ leadership began to transition 15 years ago. He has played an integral part in this transition planning and has been mentoring actively since 2003.

Chuck succeeds Paul Stachowiak, who has served as the firm’s President and Chairman since IDS’ inception in 1999. Paul is passionate about providing the opportunity to transition the firm and will be carrying on as Chairman to support the transition process. Paul Stachowiak, Chairman added, “We are extremely proud of our commitment to supporting the evolution of our firm in both leadership and vision. This transition has been carefully planned over the past two decades and it is rewarding to see the results of our efforts come to life.”  We believe the future cannot be predicted, but it can be designed.

In this exciting milestone year, IDS continues to evolve and the firm remains energetic, enthusiastic and focused on its mission statement. “We believe in uncompromising customer service beginning with quality Integrated Design Solutions for our clients. Our commitment to progressive vision, integrity and leadership is carried through every member of our staff to build on and strengthen our relationships with each other, our clients and our community.” Moving forward, IDS’ emphasis remains on wholly integrated solutions, a mantra that is fully reflected in its name.