IDS Architects Support Operation Face Shield

IDS architects Matt Showalter and Adrian La Tona are doing all they can to support a local effort to create face shields to donate to essential workers. Normally, IDS uses 3D printers to help communicate design and build prototypes of projects to share with our clients. However, during these critical times, 3D printing has been called on to create practical safety equipment for essential workers.

Operation Face Shield, headed by a BSN out of Ann Arbor Kevin Leeser, aims to create and distribute materials for face shields to any and all essential workers who can benefit from their protection. Procuring the clear shield portion of the equipment has been relatively easy but to produce easy-to-clean, safe, sturdy headbands is more difficult.

Led by Leeser’s efforts, this challenge has been met by numerous local volunteers and their 3D printers, producing thousands of face shield headbands to be donated to any and all in need. Once sanitized and ready to go, the headbands are distributed to any essential workers who request them with the goal of adding an extra line of defense for any and every essential worker during this time.

Showalter and La Tona have their 3D printers running during the work day, and are each able to produce about one headband an hour to donate to Operation Face Shield with the goal of making a delivery to Ann Arbor once a week. Last week, Showalter made the first drop of 150 headbands produced by La Tona and himself.

To learn more about Operation Face Shield and how you can participate or request shields for your organization or business, visit the official Operation Face Shield Facebook group.