Full Integration, Bold Design, Elevated Solutions

Over the past 15 years, Integrated Design Solutions has built its character on uncompromising customer service. Our sustained commitment to vision, integrity and leadership for our clients has resulted in a reputation for effective design solutions that owners can be proud of. As we look forward to the next 15 years of growth, IDS will continue to focus on the three pillars of strength that have made our company remarkable, and we’ll be doing it with a new look. Our obsession with efficient and effective design has grown immensely, and we want our brand to reflect that evolution. We’re looking to improve how we do business, to share, expand, communicate more openly and discover new avenues for delivering Integrated Design Solutions.

Integration is at the forefront of our name, because it represents what is truly important to us and our clients. It’s not easy to skillfully blend the many elements of functional architecture, which is why IDS brings the disciplines essential for integration together in the same place. It’s the hidden details that make our work great. Our architects, engineers and designers collaborate on a daily basis to understand the holistic impact of their discipline on a project’s design solution. Frequent team interaction keeps us energized, inventive and sharp, honing our abilities in the process. The square edges of the “i” in our new logo represent the refinement of our integration process, and its square dot is a testament to our commitment to quality design documents. Hovering above the “i”, the new orange bar of our logo represents our collaborative network, integrated together under the same roof.

The biggest modification of our corporate identity is reflected in the “design” of our name. We believe that design influences every aspect of our workplace environment, our development decisions and our everyday surroundings. Transitioning from a lower case “d” to an uppercase “D”, we maintain that well designed architecture can increase creativity, productivity, market share and profit margin. This “D” also encompasses every aspect of our design culture, from architecture to engineering, interior design to technology. We all play a vital role in the construction of world-class architecture, because we all know how quality design perceptibly elevates the finished product. Design means different things to different people, and we make sure that our designs will serve our clients well over time, giving them the very best for the very least.

IDS has also elevated its solutions portfolio substantially over the years, working on countless types of project challenges and in many diverse markets. By solutions, we mean the end product as well as the process that was employed to achieve that product. Solutions are the result of our highly collaborative and iterative design process with vigorous involvement from all team members, especially our owners. We know from experience that our best and most successful projects are always the ones that have had robust debate and discussion. We ask our clients lots of questions and pay close attention to what their needs are, enabling us to serve up superior design solutions that meet and exceed our client’s expectations on a regular basis. The “s” in the new IDS logo is exactly that: an elevated letter that emphasizes our ability to provide affordable solutions that are above the rest.

We’ve learned a lot after 15 years. We’ve grown a lot as well. Our passion for design in all things is the driving force behind our desire to improve how we do business, and our brand reflects that evolution. Successful integration of new technologies in our day to day operations will help us to connect, learn, ask and grow our love for our work in ways that weren’t possible when IDS was first started. Everyone at IDS was a huge part of this growth, and while we’re proud of our new look, our core remains the same. We’re still the same people who pay attention to the finer details, connect you with experts who share your passion and help you enhance and grow your market shares. Welcome to the new IDS!