Trying to understand technology isn’t easy, especially when you consider the remarkable pace of innovation in electronics. Continued exponential improvement in both price and performance of consumer technologies requires a continuous understanding of the market to design with future upgradability and improvement in mind. We are able to anticipate new technologies before they’ve even hit the market, planning for long term flexible solutions. We understand that technology designs must be adaptable, integrated and cost effective. Seamlessly integrated technology systems are not only vital to keeping businesses running, they’re instrumental to fostering innovation, creativity, and knowledge. The need for reliable technology systems has never been greater, and our know-how will help you to understand how technology can work for you. We’re a leading provider of comprehensive voice, data, audio-visual, and security technology solutions that foster innovation, encourage collaboration and enhance performance.
We offer a full range of Technology design services, including: + Technology Design + Technology Master Planning + Wide/Local Area Network + Network Management, Monitoring and Security Systems + Voice Distribution over IP + Video Production Carts + Audio/Video Distribution + Interactive Classroom Systems + Card Access Systems + Video Surveillance Systems/Visitor Greeting Systems + Telecommunication Systems Including VoIP + Structured Cabling Systems + Server Farms /Storage Area Networks + Virtualization + Workstations, Desktops, Tablets, Laptops, Chromebooks + Specialty Lab Systems – Tech Ed, Robotics, Science, “Maker Spaces” + 2D/3D Printers/Scanners/-Plotters + Wired/Wireless Data Networking + Board Room Design + Sound-Reinforcement Systems + Sound Masking Systems + PA Systems + Video Broadcast/ TV Studio Design + RF Broadband Solutions + Room Control Systems + Voice Communications + Telephone Systems + Clocks/Timers + Digital Signage Systems + Library Management System + Design and Implementation Documents + Bidding, Project Management and Construction Administration Services + Disaster Recovery Systems + Data Centers + Performing Arts Sound and Lighting