When thoughtfully designed, mechanical services such as heating, ventilation and air conditioning can be seamlessly integrated into building elements. These essential services are necessary for offices to feel comfortable for tenants, hotels to feel welcoming for guests and classrooms to be accommodating for students. At their best, mechanical services are resource-efficient, easy to control, simple to maintain and very adaptable. We’re focused on efficient building performance, controllability, energy use, maintainability and the unobtrusive integration of mechanical systems within architectural design to enhance the long-term value of properties. We cross-communicate freely with our colleagues in the other disciplines to deliver a strong technical facility that’s tailored to your requirements. Our process is to listen carefully, respond thoughtfully and deliver intelligent and sustainable design solutions that reaffirm the building envelope and support optimum energy savings and comfort. We’re constantly evolving our practice, and we’re dedicated to the pursuit of new and rising technologies that can be integrated into our design solutions. Many of us are LEED® accredited professionals, and we understand the opportunities that exist to maximize efficiencies over the long term. We help to eliminate any gray areas in the contract documents and provide as much detail as necessary to ensure that owners are fully informed throughout the entire process.
We offer a full range of Mechanical Engineering services, including: + Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning + Indoor Air Quality + Humidity Control + Energy Conservation Audits + Energy Management Systems + Clean Rooms + Isolation Rooms + Fire Protection Systems + Energy Recovery Systems + Geothermal Heat Pumps + Storm Water Systems + Domestic Water Systems + Soil & Waste Systems + Pressure Booster Systems + Water Conditioning + Water Filtration + Water Treatment Systems + DI & RO Water Supply Systems + Storm Water Reclamation + Site Environment Impact Studies & Assessments + LEED Administration