It’s easy to take energy for granted, but electricity is the key to successful and efficient building occupancy. It powers HVAC systems for thermal comfort, lighting for visual comfort, computers for productivity, elevators for circulation and all of the other equipment upon which we rely. Electricity is also the basis for a building’s life safety system including fire alarms, emergency lights and smoke exhaust. We have the understanding needed to properly design all of these types of systems, as well as the infrastructure needed to support them. Our goal is to develop safe, reliable and effective electrical systems that can sustainably support the life and usefulness of a structure long into the future. Our electrical engineering expertise consists of providing power, lighting and control systems for the built environment that are reliable, efficient, and tailored to the project’s current and future needs. We bring specialized know-how to numerous types of buildings, including worship spaces, classrooms, healthcare environments and museums. We work seamlessly with mechanical and architectural trades in the design process to integrate lighting systems and their controls with the building to enhance natural lighting, which, in addition to our electrical distribution design, contributes significantly to reducing the building’s carbon footprint.
We offer a full range of Electrical Engineering services, including: + Medium Voltage Power Distribution + Low Voltage Power Distribution + Critical Power Distribution + Emergency/Stand-by Power + Fire Alarm Systems + Security Systems + Telecommunication Infrastructure + Access Control + Short Circuit and Load Flow Studies + Protective Device Coordination Studies + Arc Flash Hazard Analysis + Renewable Energy Technologies + Interior and Exterior Lighting + Lighting Controls + Lighting Fixture Retrofits + Emergency/Egress Lighting + Display/Accent Lighting + Parking Lot and Area Lighting + Roadway Lighting + Specialty/Decorative Lighting