Dirk Greene

  1. Tell me an interesting fact about yourself.
    • I truly love the art of woodworking. I have a garage full of wood working tools and love making cabinets and other hand-crafted items.
  1. Why did you go into your profession?
    • Ever since I could remember I knew I wanted to go into the field of engineering. From an early age I have always enjoyed problem solving. I also had a grandfather and a few family members that were in the engineering field as well who always taught me to work hard until the job is complete.
  1. What is your greatest strength?
    • My greatest strength in life is determination. From my work to my personal life, I have always pushed myself when things get tough to achieve the goals I want to accomplish for myself. I have learned that hard work is worth it in the end.
  1. What is your greatest personal achievement (not related to work)
    • The most recent personal achievement would be creating a seven foot tall maple cabinet for my father-in-law.
  1. What is your greatest professional achievement? (related to IDS)
    • I have been fortunate, as most of us have been here at IDS, to work on a wide variety of projects. From a professional achievement, I have been fortunate to work on several Data Centers, most at FCA/Stellantis Plants and one at ITC Holdings. They have been very interesting and rewarding projects before, after and during design!
  1. What do you enjoy doing outside of work?
    • Throughout the year I really enjoy golfing, playing basketball, hunting, fishing, and spending time up north with my wife and puppy!
  1. What motivates you?
    • At work, final construction designs are what motivates me the most. Seeing the end design of each project is always worth the time and effort I put in.
  1. What is your #1 professional goal?
    • My professional goal is to become a licensed mechanical engineer, PE. Step one is done as I passed the FE. Still working hard and studying to pass the next exam!

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”  

– Ralph Waldo Emerson