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Jake Gondek

Tell me an interesting fact about yourself. My first time flying in an airplane was in 2012 (when I was 18 years old). It was, however, unlike most people’s experience flying due to it being a private flight for the University of Michigan Marching Band. I was a part of the Michigan Marching Band for […]

Kristen Campbell

Tell me an interesting fact about yourself. I used to race jr. dragsters in middle school. Why did you go into your profession? I love connecting with people. Marketing requires getting to know people and understanding what they are looking for. I also love the creative aspect of it. Marketing material needs to constantly be […]

Adrian La Tona

Tell me an interesting fact about yourself. I’ve seen five volcanoes in person and one eruption! We were on the coast at the time as a storm blew in, all of a sudden, we heard a loud boom as red hot magma shot out the top of the volcano against the dark sky. It felt […]

Mark Reaves

Tell me an interesting fact about yourself. I was a below average swimmer in high school but somehow ended up on a relay team that set a varsity record my senior year.  It was broken again later in the year by another group of four, but I still have the certificate saying I set a […]

Nicholas Furgason

Tell me an interesting fact about yourself. I started working in the industry as an Architectural CADD technician and worked as a job captain and small project manager for 4 years before I decided to go to school for electrical engineering. I did not switch to EE until my first semester of my internship. Why […]

ENR Top Regional Project Awarded to MSU STEM

Michigan State University STEM Teaching and Learning Facility and Shaw Lane Power Plant Renovation and Classroom Addition, East Lansing, Mich. won the Award of Merit in the Higher Education/Research category from ENR Midwest Best Projects of 2021! Congratulations Team!

Alexandra Grypinich

Tell me an interesting fact about yourself.  My family is from just outside Montreal, Quebec, so we speak French at home.   Why did you go into your profession?  I have always been fascinated with our built environment and how we can shape it. I believe architecture is a great balance between creative and technical expression.   What is your greatest strength?  I believe […]