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Career Milestone Achieved IDS Has Two New Licensed Architects

We want to give a big congratulations to Kyle DiMaggio and Craig Sykes for achieving the career milestone of passing the architectural licensing exams. Becoming a licensed architect is a challenging journey requiring dedication to complete the multiple parts of the test, but these two pushed through and completed them all. Please join us in […]

Jacob Klee

Jacob’s passion for architecture developed from being exposed at a young age to his family’s involvement in the construction industry and woodworking.  Going on home tours, like the Parade of Homes in Grand Rapids, further sparked his interest. During these tours, he met numerous architects that encouraged his intrigue in architecture. His passion continued to […]

Jack Potterack

Jack Potterack added his degree in Architecture from Lawrence Tech University after earning a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering at MSU. That is not the most remarkable thing about him, though; Jack once was on an airplane with Juliette Lewis. Wonder if he could get us all an autograph? Seeing design issues and details from […]

Matthew Showalter

Before Matt began his education at MSU as a pre-med major, he helped his high school swim team go to the State Championship three years in high school. After a short time of the pre-med program, Matt knew it was not the right fit for him. He switched his major a few times before figuring […]

Randi Paananen

Judging from the fact that she jumped out of an airplane, you might think of Randi as a bit of a thrill-seeker. But these days, her passion is helping people with her work. Randi gets the most satisfaction when a client is pleased with the level of care that she puts into her electrical engineering […]

Stacy Marra

When Stacy was a student at CMU, she worked with the facilities department, where her boss showed her that the engineering field is a way to use her technical skills. This would give her the ability to help people as a result of working in the profession. Stacy is motivated by being able to help people solve their problems. She enjoyed working on the Caro Center; she believes that this project would help many people. Stacy has […]

Nancy Hooker

Motivated by the desire to do better and to help others achieve their goals, Nancy followed in her family’s footsteps after admiring what they had accomplished.  She strives thoroughly in everything she does professionally and personally. Nancy has raised two children who are also going to school, both studying in the Engineering field. Her daughter will be graduating from Michigan Tech, and her son is a first-year student at Iowa State.   Nancy strives daily to […]

Katy Litwin

Drawing, imagining, and designing buildings, spaces or objects has been a part of Katy’s creative outlet for as long as she can remember.  Katy was always drawn to the architectural profession. As she learned more about it, she was inspired by how spaces can impact people, culture, and society in diverse and meaningful ways.  As she learned more about an architect’s work, which extends beyond the process of designing physical […]

Aubree Robichaud

As a kid Aubree always enjoyed the creative process, art, drawing, lego-building, you name it.  She is detail-oriented and was curious to understand how buildings were made.  In High School, she took a drafting class and had the opportunity to learn about building and construction, and she was instantly hooked.  Working in this profession has […]

Taylor Easthope

Taylor has always been obsessed with the idea of potential. Whether it is of things, people, objects, or spaces, she believes that Interior Design lets her develop the possibility of a client’s current space or creates an opportunity to develop a brand new one. Interior Design allows Taylor to do something different each day, and […]