Announcing Our Recent Promotions

Integrated Design Solution has welcomed Valerie Grant into the role of Senior Associate, and Todd Nemecek, Todd Vercruysse, and Randi Paananen into the role of Associate, effective January 1, 2019.

Valerie joined the company in 2001 and has led the development of IDS’s interior design department as Associate since 2011. As Senior Associate, Valerie will continue her work representing the IDS, and begin a new level of leadership within the firm.

Todd Nemecek has spent more than ten years with Integrated Design Solutions. His experience and accomplishments have contributed to the success of many large-scale projects while with IDS. Entering the role of Associate, Todd will continue his work with Integrated Design Solutions, expanding our reach even further.

Since joining Integrated Design Solutions almost two years ago, Randi Paananen has stepped into a leadership role as Senior Electrical Engineer. Randi brings more than twenty years of experience and a keen eye to the role of Associate.

Todd Vercruysse began his tenure as mechanical engineer with Integrated Design Solutions in early 2018. Since, Todd has brought his expertise to support numerous projects, joining teams and leading others. As Associate, Todd will draw on his twenty-plus years in the industry to continue to grow IDS’s influence.