A Sneak Peek of the New Michigan Union

The Michigan Union, which has been closed for renovations since April 2018, is set to reopen to the University of Michigan campus community on Jan. 13, 2020. Before the long-awaited reopening, The Michigan Daily and The Michiganensian were invited by the University Unions office for an exclusive tour of the new building.

Located at the heart of campus and known to be the center of student life, the new Union building incorporated more student gathering spaces by enclosing the first floor courtyard and by reconfiguring the floor plan of the front lounges.

The new building also features the IdeaHub, a new meeting space dedicated to the University’s more than 1,600 student organizations. The IdeaHub is meant to replace private office space previously available for a fraction of student organizations. To further open up more meeting spaces for student groups, all University offices have been moved to the third and fourth floors of the building.

To read more about this new facility, click here to visit The Michigan Daily’s website.